Our Company works directly with large producers of different varieties of Meat Products inclusive of Beef & Bobby Veal / Buffalo / Pork / Lamb & Mutton / Poultry , Sea food Products and Beef / Sheep / Poultry Offals . We source our Products through several Producers from Europe , South America , Australia , New Zealand , USA , China and India.

   Logistics is an increasingly important aspect of the whole food industry. Its plays a vital role in the retail sector and the wholesale sector.

   Monitoring the status of orders from arrival to successful delivery is crucial to maintaining correct stock levels and ensuring any discrepancies are corrected as soon as possible.

   The best solution for your multimodal transport. We follow your load from the point of origin to the release of the goods at destination. We work with efficient tools and competitive prices for the client´s satisfaction. Quality and safety are our goal!